Vertex Air 4 Pond Aeration System

Vertex Air 4 Pond Aeration System

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* Bottom Line Tubing:

The Air 4™ pond aeration system benefits:
 • Independently tested pumping rate, up to 19,300 GPM
 • Increased oxygen levels throughout water column
 • Elimination of low oxygen fish kills
 • Reduced nutrient levels and associated algae growth
 • Oxidized/reduced organic bottom muck
 • Improved fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitat
 • Reduced aquatic midge and mosquito insect hatches
 • Elimination of foul odors from undesirable
 dissolved gases
 • Safe entry - no electricity in the water, GFI protection
 on all circuits
 • Extended warranties on all system components
 The Vertex Air 4™ pond aerator is a super-efficient, affordable and safe system for circulating up to 19,300 GPM. In a typical lake with 8 foot depths, an Air 4™ can aerate approximately 4-6 acres depending on dissolved oxygen demand and other factors. Two 1/3 hp piston compressors, housed in our rustproof outdoor cabinet, feed four bottom mounted CoActive AirStations™ each utilizing Vertex’s MicronBubble™ technology. As bubble size decreases, oxygen transfer rates increase dramatically. The rising force of millions of bubbles circulates the entire water column, entraining bottom water up to the surface allowing vital oxygen to be absorbed. Oxygen levels are increased and kept constant throughout the entire lake, preventing drastic O2 swings that can lead to fish-kills. With no electricity in the water, Vertex’s aeration systems are safe for any type of water recreation. Our systems have an industry leading two-year warranty plus a five-year warranty against rust and corrosion on the cabinet, five-year warranty on the AirStations™ and a 15-year warranty on BottomLine™ supply tubing.

brookwood-dual-piston-compressor-third-hpBrookwood™ Compressor
 • Full two-year Vertex warranty
 • Vertex SafeStart™ Compressor Technology
 • U.L., 115 volt, single phase, max 25 PSI
 • Thermal overload protection
 • (2)1/3 hp for exceptionally low monthly electrical costs
 • 8.6 amps and 8.4 CFM at typical 10.0 PSI operating pressure
 • 2-3 year extended duty cycle between scheduled maintenance
 Built for continuous 24/7 operation and equipped with proprietary Vertex SafeStart™ technology, allowing auto restart under maximum rated pressure without motor damage. Super-duty Brookwood™ compressors incorporate upgraded rotors, stators, valve plates, bearings and capacitors and are thermally protected, oil-free, and require no lubrication; just periodic cleaning of included washable air filter. Extended duty cycle is approximately 24 to 36 months for compressor maintenance, about 2 to 3 times the duty cycle of ordinary piston and rotary vane compressors.
quietair-cabinet-3QuietAir™ Cabinet
 • Class "A" GFCI protection on all115V circuits
 • Powder coated aluminum for a durable & attractive finish
 • Two High capacity 290 CFM cooling fans
 • Quiet operation with gasketed and sealed openings
 • Easy access design with oversized lid
 • Equipped with a barrel lock for increased security
 • Easy plug-in connection to waterside electrical service
 • Heavy duty mounting pad included
 • 2-year warranty on all cabinet components
 • 5-year cabinet warranty against rust and corrosion
 Cabinet is constructed of aluminum with gray electrostatically bonded powder coating. Equipped with a stamped ventilation grill, engineered fan plenum, directional exhaust and two integral cooling fans producing 580 CFM to guard against excessive compressor operating temperatures. Cabinet comes equipped with Class “A” GFCI protection on both the compressor and fan circuits. Two-year warranty on all cabinet components including compressor, cooling fans and GFI. Five-year warranty against cabinet rust and corrosion. 
2-9-inch-diameter-flexible-membrane-diffusersCoActive AirStation™
 • Independently tested pumping rates
 • Two 9" flexible membrane discs with Vertex MicronBubble™ technology
 • Self-cleaning, low maintenance
 • Rugged EPDM construction
 • One Vacuum formed and sonic welded HDPE base unit
 • Lipped edge prevents sinking into soft bottom sediments
 • Five-year warranty
 Each AirStation™ consists of two self-cleaning, 9" diameter flexible membrane diffusers of EPDM compound with 100% rebound memory. Each diffuser station is equipped with a vacuum-formed HDPE base; sonic spot-welded to provide unit integrity. Base unit (17.25"L x 13.25"W x 3.35"D) has a hollow chamber design for the addition of gravel ballast and a lipped design to prevent settling into soft bottom sediments. Independently tested pumping rates provide confidence that system design will successfully provide specified oxygen transfer to the water body.
bottomline-supply-tubingBottomLine™ Supply Tubing
 • Over-sized 0.58” ID for high flow rates
 • Heavy duty wall thickness (0.235") for durability
 • Suitable for use with all Vertex AirStations™
 • 15-year Vertex warranty
 • Self-weighted for fast & easy installation
 • Available in 100 and 500 feet increments
 Self-weighted, direct burial submersible tubing for connection from compressor to diffuser stations. Tubing is flexible PVC composite construction for use with standard PVC solvent weld cement and 0.5" insert fittings. Tubing has a smooth walled, 0.58" I.D. for extra high flow rates with minimum pressure loss to reduce backpressure and extend compressor life. 0.235" tube wall thickness provides long-term durability and protection against kinking and punctures. BottomLine™ tubing remains flexible in cold temperatures allowing for easy year round installations..

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