Dunn's 'Trophy Grower' Liquid Pond Fertilizer

Dunn's 'Trophy Grower' Liquid Pond Fertilizer

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Fertilizer is used to establish a plankton bloom in your water. Plankton is the first step in the food chain in any pond or lake. All new reproduction will feed on plankton until they are able to forage on other fish. The availability of plankton in your water will increase the growth rate of your new reproduction, in turn increasing their survival rates.

The "Trophy Grower" Liquid Pond Fertilizer is simple to apply, and in most ponds and lakes plankton can be established in only two or three applications. Make Dunn's Trophy Grower Pond Fertilizer a part of your management program today and see your pond become a more productive, healthy environment.

Can buy by the gallon or by the case.

Recommendations: 1 gallon per surface acre, 2 to 3 treatments required. Total treatment = 2 to 3 gallons per surface acre.

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