Aerators & Fountains

Aeration is all about gasses.  Aeration mixes the pond so that toxic gasses are efficiently released and life-giving oxygen readily replaces it.  An aerated pond will be clearer, cleaner and healthier and have less bottom muck that a pond without aeration.


A pond without aeration will become stratified into separate layers in the summer heat.  This is because of the physical properties of water.  As sun warms the surface water, it becomes less dense and hereby lighter than the cool water below it.  The line at which layers separate (similar to oil floats on water) is called a thermocline.  Pond aeration will eliminate this thermocline and provide your pond with a fresh supply of oxygen, natural bacteria and allows phytoplankton to go to work.  Maximize your ponds full potential.


DSP is a licensed service and installation representative for Vertex Lake Aeration Systems & Floating Fountains, Airmax Eco-Systems and Outdoor Water Solutions.

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