Lime Application Maintenance Services

Many ponds in Georgia and Alabama have very soft water or low total hardness.  Adding lime increases fish productions and aids bloom development in soft waters.  Agricultural (dolomitic) lime is the best choice for sportfishing ponds.  Although lime can be applied at any time, it takes about 2 months for agricultural lime to go into solution.  For best results, lime your ponds in each fall or winter.


Water alkalinity plays a large role in the health and productivity of fish communities.  The alkalinity of a pond is determined by the soil pH and the alkalinity of the water source feeding the pond. 

Most small impoundments across the Southeast however, have a relatively acidic soils in their watershed and require periodic applications of agricultural lime to maintain a constant total minimum alkalinity of 20 ppm.  This minimum alkalinity level is required to have high nutrient availability to phytoplankton communities, thus maximizing the effectiveness of a fertilization program. 

There is no “magic formula” to determine the amount of lime required to increase and maintain total alkalinity above the recommended 20 ppm threshold.  However, many ponds and lakes in the Southeast seem to require between 3-6 tons an acre in order to meet the initial “lime requirement,” and since you can never apply to much lime to a pond the more the better, and the longer the benefit.

The length of time between necessary lime applications is difficult to predict and there are many environmental variables at play such as: 1) beginning alkalinity of water, 2) amount of water flowing through the pond, 3) other sources of alkalinity (Springs, etc), 4) amount of tannic acid released in the water from trees and leaf matter and 5) amount of acidic soil particles entering the water.

The method of lime application is critically important to the effectiveness and longevity of a lime.  Agricultural lime does not dissolve in water; rather it sinks and reacts with the soil on the pond bottom.  Therefore, proper application of lime involves uniform distribution of the material over the entire surface of the pond or lake.  This is best accomplished by using a specialized boat called a liming barge.  Lime is loaded directly onto the front of the barge platform and is then washed from the platform with water from a high pressure pump as the boat is driven slowly around the entire pond.



Down South Pond offers these services to its customers and clients :

If you are a client of Down South Pond and are on our monthly “Trophy Management Program,” the liming barge and application fees are included in your monthly cost.  The only two additional costs our clients incur are the lime and a front-end loader/operator. Lime usually runs about $25-$35/ton, plus around an additional $400/day for a front end loader operator.


If you are not a client and need lime services the rates are as follows:

  • $20/ton for distribution of lime with liming barge.
  • Lime can be delivered, depending on location, for around $25-$35/ton.
  • Front-end Loader rental and operator for approximately $400/day

* For ponds located over 75 miles from our home location or lime distributor may incur minor fuel surcharges.


Call us anytime at 706-302-7452 for a quote tailored to your pond management and liming needs!

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